Friday, May 13, 2016

Hoppy Trails Comes To San Diego Summer

From the minds of Movin Shoes, San Diego's leaders in creative and unique free running opportunities:

It’s a Friday Fun Run or walk. A chance for seasoned runners to inspire new runners. A summer celebration with a beer. Everyone should be there with the intention of having a good time and enjoying the spirit of trail running. This is a good opportunity for road runners to test their legs on trails. If you are racing over the weekend, you can enjoy an easy shake out run. If you want to test your 5K trail running speed, you will have a variety of trails to do so during the 4 different routes in the series.

Dates and Locations and Registration for the runs are here (and we run at 6pm each week): 

The routes are out and back. We will give you the location to turn around. If you do not think you will finish the 5K in under 60 minutes, turn around once you have reached 25 minutes. This is to allow more time on the return, in case you are tired. The goal is for everyone to be finished in under 1 hour.

We will have prizes and special offerings to share from Movin Shoes, New Balance, 2XU (pronounced: two times you) and The Undress. If you have been waiting to get some gear from these companies, wait no more. The organizers would appreciate your support to keep events like this flourishing in the future!

Everyone who registers for the event on RunSignUp will receive special discounts from these generous companies. You will still be able to join us for the fun if you don’t register however, you will only receive special prizes if you register by Wed at noon, prior to the run on Friday. This allows us to plan accordingly.

Safety is very important as well as trail etiquette. Please bring what you need to self support as there will not be any support available en route. We suggest you bring a hand bottle and one energy bar if you will need 40 minutes or more to complete the 5K. Also, please leave no trace on the trails and if you need to use a bush, please do so responsibly. This is a fun community event and not permitted. Don’t be the person that ruins it for everyone.

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